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Welcome to The Modulo1 Programming Language, an introductory guide to Modulo1. The Modulo1 programming language helps you write powerful, AI-driven plugins and applications for the Juxtapus platform.

Ease of use, flexibility, and transparency are difficult to attain when dealing with intelligent algorithms; Modulo1 changes this. Through balancing powerful technical capacity and a great developer experience, Modulo1 gives you the option to control the intricate details without requiring you to possess domain knowledge or to write large amounts of code.

Who Modulo1 Is For

The long-term goal is for Modulo1 to be applicable for all programming tasks, great or small. But for now, the Juxtapus platform (for which Modulo1 was created for) is limited to the purpose of Music Composition/Production and for applications that support aspiring musicians. And therefore, at this time Modulo1 is recommended for the following groups.

Music App Developers

Modulo1 is for developers with varying levels of programming experience, who are looking to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through electronic music. Traditional digital-audio-workstation (DAW) software and the audio plug-in interfaces they implement (e.g. VST) can be quite limiting in what they allow developers to pursue. Virtually all VST plugins, for example, are either instruments or effects. In contrast, the Juxtapus platform allows Modulo1 plugins to operate at a higher level of abstraction: instead of behaving as an individual instrument or an individual effect, a Modulo1 plugin can control an entire set of instruments and effects, in order to craft a unique musical style, much like a (human) music producer would.

Students / Music Nerds

Modulo1 is for students and music nerds who are interested in a fun approach to learning how to code. The language was inspired by JavaScript. And so, there are many similarities in syntax between the two languages. But whereas Javascript was designed for the purpose of controlling web page elements, Modulo1 was designed for the purpose of controlling intelligent music-composition algorithms.

Who This Guide Is For

This guide doesn't make any assumptions about your understanding of intelligent algorithms, or experience with computer programming. You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this guide. However, this guide is a work-in-progress and therefore your constructive feedback is appreciated to help improve this content.